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August 31, 2012

Dear Pastor:

As usual I enjoyed and received a greater understanding of Israel when I listened to your Sermon On Homecomming, Israel. 

You fascinate me with your use of numbers…They add so much to the subject, and tie things together, like ribbon on a package…


I spend a lot of time listening to current Government info on the President, fast and furious, Chemtrails, Fema Camps, the HAARP weather radar and so many things that effect our life here on earth…I feel God wants us to be prepared, and self ready for future events…But when it all overwhelms me, and I feel lost and a little hopeless. I have to go to Jesus for understanding.


When I see the evil, and lust for power brought on by the greed for money..The bible always has a parable, or lesson that brings me back to Gods real purpose for us…I know my heart is evil and I could easley fall prey to satans plan…But it is Gods love that is so strong..Just knowing he could love so many so much..I know we are created in his image, and I often wonder what it would have been like if the Garden of Eden had been played differently..But then I remember it is Gods plan..Unconditional..Like his love..Wow..Paul nailed it when he said the most important thing is LOVE…It is so beautiful how it works both ways..It gives understanding to free will..pain and suffering, and just everything….


Thanks again for your ministry…Your a true Blessing…When I hear your preach, it reminds me of when I was a child in Sunday School…How the teacher use to bring the Bible to life, with animation, and plays and just the way she use to put me in the center of every story..You too..are like that you animate the Bible, and bring understanding . Your Meat not milk..


God Bless…Alan


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